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How to make a winning bet on hockey?

Hockey is one the most popular sports in the world, especially in the US and Canada. This discipline can not compete in popularity with football, but it has a number of advantages. In betting, you need to be aware of some of the nuances of discipline, as the results can be unpredictable. With the right approach, experienced players get big wins.

Pros and cons of hockey betting


  • simple analysis of the match, because the following types of athletes take part in the duel: goalkeeper, defenders and forwards;
  • daily in the bookmaker’s line you can find games for gambling on hockey;
  • high odds for most NHL, KHL and other top championships;
  • During the confrontation, comebacks are often encountered.

For example, a team misses a few goals, and then evens the score and wins the opponent. Bettors use these situations to find value situations. Bookmakers do not have time to pay attention to the progress of all matches, which is why many undervalued online markets appear.

There are the following disadvantages of hockey:

  • in fights there are links of 5 athletes, so it is difficult to assess the current composition at the rink;
  • it is difficult to identify a clear favorite, in many leagues there are equal teams.

How to place a hockey bet correctly?

Before placing money on hockey, it is necessary to study in detail the rules of discipline and the bookmaker’s site. The user has to watch a lot of broadcasts of the fights. Bettor must reach such a level that he will notice how the athletes play with the puck, the methods of passing, their strengths and weaknesses. The client have to understand the tactical structure of the team.
In hockey betting, it is recommended to focus only on a specific tournament. This will allow you to understand the patterns of one of the teams or all participants.

Choosing the best bookmaker. The service should offer high odds and broadcasts of matches. It is desirable to be able to make a refund during the meeting.

The user must analyze lost and successful rates. It is also recommended to work with your own tactics. For example, a user decided to check his results at a distance. To do this, he needs to write down the date, the opposition, the size of the bet. He should know why he made mistakes the previous time . Each successful forecast must be marked and disassembled, which exactly made it possible to receive income.

Pre-match analysis

The user needs to find the percentage of the goalkeeper’s goals won in matches. Such information is freely available on statistics services.
To get information about the club, you need to look at the average performance. Special attention in gambling is paid to the implementation of throws. Users bet on teams that are good at implementing scoring chances.
Fatigue of athletes after the next match. A strong club may have problems with a busy game schedule. The game calendar must be taken into account when gambling.
Motivation. If the team has completed the tournament objectives, then in the remaining meetings it may show a low level of play.
Compositions of teams, the presence of disqualified and injured athletes. For example, the user analyzes the matches and determines that the opponents have a lot of injured players. At the same time, they are important participants in coaching tactics. This fact is important and plays a special role in the rates. A team with a large number of injured hockey players will not be able to outplay an equal opponent.

Main point to remember

Before making a bet, a detailed analysis of the opposition is required. You need to look at 5 past matches and statistics. Do not rush and place your money wisely to win.


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