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Best National Hockey League teams of 2010s (in terms of bets)

After an unexpected ending of the 2019/20 season another hockey decade has come to an end. This decade gave us a lot of good
and interesting teams. Let’s look closer at the best NHL teams and find out how people bet on them.

Vegas Golden Knights – 2018

Vegas is the most intriguing club of the decade. There were no expectations from the “golden knights” at first, as the new club had never been successful before. The expansion draft, led by Golden Knights General Manager George McPhee, was viewed with skepticism by many, and observers even practiced their wit on social media: “Does McPhee know he’s not putting together a club for the AHL?”
However, Vegas turned out to be much better than expected. In the very first year, the “knights” unexpectedly reached the Stanley Cup final, and there was no supernatural coincidence or luck in this. It was a great hockey team, which lost in the final only to Ovechkin’s Washington, and since then the Knights have been competing for high places every year.

San Jose Sharks – 2016

After years of frustration, the “sharks” led by the duo of Joe Thornton and Patrick Marlowe have finally reached the Stanley Cup final. It was an incredible run, but in the 2016 final, the Californians were unable to do anything with the terrific Pittsburgh, who won six games. Thornton and company lost in their first two away matches, then won one match at home, and the key match was the fourth meeting, which the Penguins won away. For Marlo and Thornton, this was probably the first and last attempt to win the Cup. Thornton, 41, still hopes to get his chance at Toronto, but the likelihood of this is not yet very high – there are too many shortcomings in the game of the current Maple Leafs.

New York Rangers – 2015

A year after the Rangers made it to the Stanley Cup final, the club proved that their entry into the main streak of the season was not accidental. Yes, in 2014 the Rangers lost the final to the Los Angeles hockey club, but the following year followed a stunning run of 53 regular season wins. Henrik Lundqvist was at the peak of his power, Rick Nash scored 40 goals, and the lineup was balanced and cool – the “blue shirts” were a problem for any opponent. In the first round, the New Yorkers beat Pittsburgh in five games, then Washington was beaten in seven games, but then Tampa got in the way of the Rangers, which reached the final and lost there to Chicago.

Pittsburgh Penguins – 2016

The Penguins hockey club had a bad start that regular season and by the end of December had dropped out of the playoffs. It seemed that the composition of the team was poorly balanced, and the era of Sidney Crosby and Yevgeny Malkin was coming to an end. The Russian striker himself then made a well-known motivational speech in the locker room, addressing the team, and the management took a smart step, appointing Mike Sullivan as the head coach. Several excellent deals (Matt Murray, Brian Rust, Conor Shiri, Carl Hagelin joined the club) – and Pittsburgh could no longer be held. It was an indestructible club that amazed opponents with the speed and technique of puck possession. Their comeback made betting rates on Penguins high again.

How to get profit from betting on your favourite hockey team?

All bettors want to receive income at a distance. This requires a lot of work and analysis of fights. Successful bids involve time-consuming user activity. It is recommended to make a bet on those markets in which you understand in detail. Bets on incomprehensible outcomes will lead to loss of money. It is necessary to use funds in betting only after gaining experience. Users are better off starting the game with minimum bets. Take your time before placing bets and good luck.


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